Educator of creative methodologies for people in all contexts

Welcome to my Creative World

a place where imagination reigns and where being creative is exactly that; being.

Be true to you and your authentic self.

In my creative world the creative process is not only a thing we do, but a way to live.

I invite you into my creative space and creative process so we might connect and share with one another, and so that you, too, will find inspiration to build your own creative practice.

In this space there is no judgement, and all is possible.
Here, curiosity is admired and questioning encouraged.
In this imagination reality everyone possesses creative capacities and all voices are meant to be seen and heard.

Through my blog, “A Creative Life Revealed”, I share my insights and experiences as a creative artist and as an educator of creative methodologies. I offer you anything and everything that might come forward from my own creative process so that you will feel bold enough to exercise your own creative capacities.


I believe that our creative contributions, individual and collective, can shape a better world.
That means you and your creative actions can make a difference.

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